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TIK TOK video and casualties:

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Effects of Tik Tok

The time has come when applications like tik tok video have started taking the lives of the people due to its misuse by the users. The app was even banned for a short time but also uplifted as the ban was resulting in a $500,000 daily loss, and was putting more than 250 jobs at risk. I have had always a very strong criticism against tik tok not because I can’t lip-sync in front of a camera and act oddly. I have my reasons. People are exposing their real selves in it sometimes by impersonating women and trying to gain attention by foolish acts.


Some stunts which people are performing are resulting in immediate deaths even. In April 2019, a 19-year-old boy was unwittingly shot by his friend while trying to shoot a tik tok video which resulted in immediate death and lead to the arrest of his two friends. In February 2019, 3 students were having a joyride on a scooter while one of the pavilion riders was making a tik tok video when suddenly they rammed into a bus due to the loss of balance resulting in the death of one of the three students. In January 2019 Punjab, a video had gone viral in which a farmer was seen trying to get on a moving tractor to which he slipped and ended up under the tire of the tractor ultimately resulting in death. In Chennai in December 2018, a man was pretending to slit his throat with a knife and accidentally ended up slitting his own throat. These are just a few of the cases I have researched. There may be more cases out there.

My thoughts

Now, When did life become so futile that it is being lost for the sake of gaining popularity? I have seen many people getting popular through this app and they become by not risking their lives. Although the majority of the tik tok users I see in any social sites are always getting trolled and badly degraded as millions of people see them through memes made by some pages and the comments they receive are so dreadful that it makes me wonder it’s better to be not famous at all rather than infamous. Besides tik tok, many people are getting targeted and trolled for something they said or did with less intellect. This, of course, is wrong because the world doesn’t need to know who is having more intellectual capabilities and who is having less.  There was one time when gaining popularity was very difficult and still, some people in spite of such hard work and talent can not become the person they wish to be. People who are widely sharing and making memes on other people doing stupid acts have done nothing except making them famous who never deserve to be. This has had a very bad impact on people who struggle to achieve success in media. Who knew in this time when just shaking your body and lip-syncing will make you a person beyond your wildest dreams?

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