Pubg – The well known addiction difficult to cure

pubg starting to take control

Here comes the storm of pubg

Pubg is taking the form of addiction even dangerous than drugs. The multiplayer game played by millions has become a sensation among the youths. I have seen many famous games before and even played, but none of them like Pubg. This game possesses a much engaging theme. At first, it may seem just another action game with shooting all around, however, when you start winning or acquiring more kills day by day, it starts to develop a habit and eagerness to play frequently.

This is where the trouble begins

 The downside is when we get knocked out and killed then we have to start all over. This is where the whole frustration budges in because getting killed when you are equipped with your favorite guns or when you are about to or halfway away from winning is very annoying. Many people tend to lose their temper and end up incapacitated. As we continue to play on a regular basis and prolonged hours, we develop skills and continue relishing it and therefore forgetting to treat a game as a game. We, then start getting an urge to play it whenever we see our mobile phones. There have been many saddening cases in India revolving around pubg. Many have resorted to violence just to play it. As a result, pubg is banned in some cities due to rising crimes.

Remember, Pubg is just like any other game

We should stop letting games take control of our lives. It is a well-known fact that excess for anything is bad, so we should definitely consider this. In this era of high competition in studies, pubg has indeed become an obstacle for some. Not only pubg, but there are also many other addictive games out there that are making students lose interest in studying and spending a lot of time playing. Pubg or any other game cannot be blamed for anything negative happening in people’s lives as they are merely a game. It is what people make of it who should be blamed. Just like social media, we are not making any profit out of it by using it daily rather we are only doing their owners a favor by making them rich. Parents should strictly observe their children and shouldn’t allow them to spend prolonged hours playing games because once this evolves into a habit then it is very difficult to control it. There are also helpless parents who can’t control their children, but these are the children who are already grown-ups and should have their own sense of control which sadly some don’t. Consulting to someone is always the best option to have better suggestions and acting on it. We get to know what’s good and bad for us.

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