Old cartoon network shows

Top 5 old cartoon network shows

1. Samurai Jack ( IMDB rating 8.5/10)

Samurai Jack facing the angry aku. Best old cartoon network show!

Definitely my favorite cartoon of all time. This was one of the most flawless show I have ever watched. The story was very well crafted with incredible soundtracks which made it even more popular. It is about a man called Jack who is transported to the future by the evil Aku(the main Antagonist) during their clash. The action scenes are so dazzling with Jack showing the artful fighting skills he acquired with his masters. When I grew up and re-watched some of the episodes of Samurai Jack, I realized the show also had deep meaning behind it, that, never make a deal with the demon because in the end you are bound to get betrayed.

2. Courage the cowardly dog ( IMDB rating 8.2/10)

Eustace scaring courage. Another best old cartoon network show

I always loved watching this cartoon because of the assorted characters and the deary hilarious dog named Courage. I think this show was widely popular due to the uproarious screams of Courage. The show is about Courage who lives in the place called the middle of nowhere with his keeper Muriel who loves him just as her child and Eustace Bagge on the contrary, who hates him and always treating him poorly. Courage also tackles many scary ghosts to keep his family safe and goes through a lot of pain along the way.

3. Dexter’s laboratory (IMDB rating 7.9/10)

Dee Dee spraying at dexter. Lovely old cartoon network show

Who can forget the annoying “Dee Dee” who always have ways of disturbing her brother Dexter, a boy genius, who owns a laboratory and tries everything he could to keep her sister out of his sight. This show was very amusing to watch with Dexter’s family also having hilarious roles to play. Dexter also has a competitor named “Mandark” who happens to collide with him to become a better genius. Apart from all this, the show also reveals family unity in some episodes which is very pleasing to watch.

4. Johnny Bravo (IMDB rating 7.2/10)

Johnny Bravo chilling! Yet another awesome old cartoon network show


A muscular handsome man with unbounded confidence, Johnny Bravo, apparently has everything, except for one thing which makes him look so imperfect, and that is a brain, which also is the reason he remains happy all the time. His failed attempts to impress girls always get him an electric shock by them which is very hilarious to watch.

5. Ed, Edd n Eddy (IMDB rating 7.4/10)

Ed, Edd n Eddy thinking about making cash. Very epic old cartoon network show

A group of 3 friends is considered as the ideal friendship as not many people can leave a mark in our lives. Ed, Edd n Eddy, who lives in a neighborhood beside each other meet and become friends. Eddy is the money-minded guy who always comes up with the idea of making cash. Edd is the genius one and Ed the dumb one. This trio connects themselves perfectly. Their everlasting urge of buying those jawbreakers( a candy) leads them to come up with schemes of making cash, which obviously doesn’t go very well.





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