Writing | Its importance and why we should practice it

Man writing a cluster of words.

Impact of writing

I wanted to share some thoughts regarding how writing is the greatest thing in this world. We have religious books written from centuries ago which we read and try to follow or even adapt to it by following the lifestyle of our said religion. That’s how writing possesses such mighty power. It slowly starts to open all the dimensions of our mind and impacts our perspectives.

Art of writing

A film has its screenplay to which actors deliver it in dialogues. Lyrics have to be written when the singer sings it out. When I listen to rappers rapping at such an incredible pace with sublime rhymes, I think of how talented they are because of the countless times they have spent on writing it before delivering it. We can see what a simple person can become just by the art of writing.

We become a different person while writing

When we start writing on any topic, our character changes to a great extent as we are fully focused on what we have to write, what all points we should include and how to describe it in detail. Our mental state journeys to the story or detail we illustrate. And from what I am currently experiencing is that I feel a great sense of peace when I am indulging myself in any topic. It is because we divert our thoughts and concentrate only on one topic as writing demands your complete attention.

How to get better at writing

No doubt that we need to think promptly before penning our thoughts down, the question comes as to how we can improve our thoughts to write better? Gradually when we compel our minds into something we have never tried, the more we become accustomed to it and therefore we have improved results. Many proven examples can be obtained from this fact. Let’s look at this example, If a child never develops the habit of reading, he will face a tough time having to study complex things as he grows up because he never compelled his mind to read unfamiliar things. But, if he has a habit of reading then he can come across many obstacles, the number 1 being long hours which students have to spend on studying. So coming to the question again, when we watch or read anything of our interest, then some kind of thought will strike us and we will be getting new ideas, hence improving our level of thinking along with so many new things being learned like vocabulary and improvement in the language we focus to.

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