Coldplay – Orphans (Official Lyric Video)

Guess who’s back? Yes, It’s Coldplay!!! A few years ago they announced their retirement, but much to the surprise of the fans they have announced their upcoming album titled “Everyday life” out November 22. Coldplay is known for its soul-touching music and euphonious vocals by the lead singer Chris martin. They never disappoint with their music.

Bermuda By Sickick Lyrics Video

What better way to chill at 3 am when you have this song to hop to? The killer beats and rhymes are the upshot of this song. And of course, the beautiful vocals by our sickick <3.

Skan – Sail Away

Su​ch a melodic song with beautiful vocals and lyrics. The moment I started listening to this song I knew that this would become my favorite. I can’t remember the last time I heard a song which gave me the goosebumps as this one did. The way he sings the line ” I built a ship just to sail away cause I been drowning in my thoughts every day” is really exceptional as we all want to really sail away from our inner demonic thoughts.


Soundsperale, Bruno Motta Ft. Ruslan Tishenko – My Reboot (Original Mix)

Lucky enough to find this song to which now I am addicted to listening. From vocals to tunes, everything is alluring. The vocals are very relatable and descriptive. They define what we all are facing in our lives. There comes a point when we think of starting all over again when our lives start getting disarranged and the question we all ask to ourselves as to what we did wrong.


Linkin Park – Easier To Run [Lyrics on screen] HD

One of my most favorite song from the legendary band Linkin Park. Their lyrics have a very deep meaning to which they can relate very well as they basically describe what they have gone through in this life in their songs and they do it in such enchanting way that we get enthusiastic to listen to them again and again.


Aero Chord – Surface

If it wasn’t for Aero Chord, I would’ve perhaps never develop taste in trap music. This song brought me to the world of trap music with all the beats and bass and became my favorite. Since then I am a big fan of all his work and I often think of him as a DJ scientist.



Unknown Brain – Why Do I? (feat. Bri Tolani) (Lyrics Video)

It’s very fascinating to see that such talented artists are able to create such good meaningful lyrics along with melodic beats. The lovely voice of Bri Tolani in this song leaves us wondering about the moment when we don’t feel the same for that special person anymore. They say change is the only constant in this world and this phrase gives an explanation to this song.

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