Depression | In-depth analysis and how to deal with it

Depression makes life darker

Depression: A silent killer

I want to delve deeper into the most common and most talked about obstacle in everyone’s lives, which is depression. Individuals face circumstances in their lives which can have differing impact on health. In the modern times, challenges and competitions have increased to manifold. Unemployment is rising and the demand for jobs is increasing. With countless issues people are confronting, there is an immense chance that many of these people are under depression.

Occurrence of depression

The human mind is home to numerous thoughts that can be conflicting or constructive. People tend to have more conflicting thoughts because of various reasons. Dealing with such thoughts can become very difficult to manage. Having conflicting thoughts on a regular basis is very hazardous as the mind gets overloaded and the body fatigues over time.

How to fight depression?

We are the doers of our own actions so we should know how to fight with negative thoughts and how to keep ourselves happy. We should know how to improve our self-esteem, which is through self-affirmation. We should constantly remind ourselves that in this world we are here to prove our worth and we will achieve it for whatever we are good at. Another thing we can indulge in is exercise because exercise does more than just reduce weight and build muscles, it also helps in removing toxins from our bodies which really helps us feel optimistic. Another example is praying, when we pray we submit our body and soul to our lord and it greatly helps to reduce any sort of despair. Also always consulting our families and friends is the foremost thing you should do when you feel like something to share which is keeping you down. Some signs of depression are lack of concentration, trying to look happy all the time when from inside they are feeling sad, less optimistic, being angry over small matters and having difficulty in sleeping. Some people try to overcome these conflicting thoughts by means of alcohol or smoking, which again is hazardous to health. Parents fail to identify their own children’s state of health as they don’t communicate much. Whereas our best friends can find out fast enough when we look bothered or disturbed.

Has it anything to do with loneliness?

 What I think is that the feeling of loneliness has the biggest part to play in this role. Having no one to speak to makes all our talks which we want to share get stuck inside us and leave us feeling lonely. It is definitely the worst and most dangerous feeling which is why we should always surround ourselves with friends who give us positive energy. 

Learn to control your mind

Some things I would like to say before bringing an end to this topic. I know we have thousands of things going on in our minds and many of them can be depressing, but we possess the ability to counteract those negative thoughts and live life the way we want. It’s not easy I know and some things take time to heal. We, as human beings were bound to make mistakes. We should always learn and improve by our past mistakes. If we do this on a constant basis, then nothing can stop us from getting where we want to be. Now, just imagine yourself sitting in an empty room and persistently thinking of some bad thing that occurred to you. What good will that do to you? Will you benefit from it? No, you won’t. If you channelize that feeling of guilt to something good, like say in your career, then that is the most incredible thing you will ever do. Don’t let thoughts of guilt and negativity grow in you because that will keep on growing and worsen things up. 

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