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Government School Teacher Arrested In Gurgaon For Molesting Girls: Cops

One of the most sickening news which is grievously increasing is molestation. This time a 48-year-old government school teacher was found guilty when one of the girls disclosed the crime to her family, Cases like this are so complicated as to why such people commit this type of heinous crimes. Police should take appropriate action against such people and justice to all the girls molested should definitely be served. Young boys and girls should be taught to never remain silent and always raise their voices whenever they face any type of maltreatment.


Man Sentenced To Life In Jail For Murder Of Indian-Origin Colleague In UK

This headlines will certainly add pressure to the already tension building countries, India and Pakistan. Aqib Pervaiz, a 27-year-old Pakistani-origin man in the UK has been jailed for life for murdering his Indian-origin colleague in the mistaken belief that he was having an affair with his wife. What was more heartbreaking was that the victim’s wife was 8 months pregnant and has now returned to India from UK with her newborn which sadly Nadeem never got to meet. Nadeem uddin hameed mohammed was only 24 years old who was from Hyderabad and was brutally stabbed by Aqib Pervaiz in an underground car park of a supermarket.

I will never understand why people fail to consider before acting upon. Only in anger people sometimes say or do things which they regret forever. People who have anger issues really need help and should examine their own set of mind. Now, because of this, Pervaiz has to regret all his life surrounded in a prison. My question is why destroy someone else’s lives which could’ve been sorted so easily in a case like this. Never resort to violence and always have patience. My heart goes out to the family of the grieving Nadeem. May god give them patience.


3 men gangrape minor girl in Rajasthan, 2 held

As depressing as it sounds the horrific the poor girl must’ve felt beyond our imagination. Two of the three accused have been arrested which indicates that our police force is getting stern in their actions. Cases of the rape are so perplexing that only the guilty can be blamed and accused.

We have seen many people protesting on the roads but the crime scale hasn’t gone down. Strong statements should be shown by the authorities towards this to instill fear in the criminal minds.


Delhi Woman Sells Teen Daughter For Rs. 1 Lakh; Had Sold Baby Too: Police

Under the pressure of financial debt, the mother of the daughter sold her for 1 Lakh rupees. Luckily she managed to escape and report to the police to which they are now looking to incarcerate the traffickers. The girl has been sent to a shelter home.

Now, how can one sell their offsprings to whom they give birth and feed? Children in such families are so endangered that they get to see the ugly part of their parents.

Note: Afford only what can be managed.

Stalker slits college student’s throat for ignoring his phone calls

The victim (a female student from Amarpatan Government College in Satna in Madhya Pradesh) is in a critical condition after getting attacked with a sharp-edged weapon by a stalker inside the college campus. The accused had been stalking her for quite a while and he started calling her multiple times. She had even complained about the matter to his parents. As she was ignoring and rejecting his calls, he found her alone in the campus and attacked her. The accused identified as Munendra Verma also happens to be her neighbor. Police are currently looking for the accused.
I understand that sometimes a boy develops feelings for a girl and it is fine to approach and talk it out. But, when a girl shows no interest or has no intention of making friends then you clearly have to back off. Boys tend to overthink which leads to wicked actions. It’s about time that people should learn rejection of any sort. Resorting to violence leads to nothing but a big boot to the face and imprisonment. Don’t go complete berserk or most importantly obsess over something you can’t have.





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