A must watch horror movies for all horror movie lovers

Best horror movies of all time

Under the shadow (2016)

This easily qualifies in Top horror movies

Under the shadow is a 2016 persian language supernatural horror movie. I have seen that many of the foreign films have made truly horror content movies capable of scaring the daredevils out there. This movie surely did send chills down my spine as the horror scenes were really spooky. 

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Siccin (2014-2019)

Another top horror movies

There are currently 6 parts of Siccin, a Turkish language horror movie all available on youtube. I am putting it out there that maybe this movie is underrated, but it must be set trending because all the horror movie fans have got to see this if they want to experience true horror content with disturbing details. And I will also warn everyone that this movie is not for the faint-hearted. You will believe me when you really watch this film. The director has done such incredible work maintaining realistic details and the makeup artists showing their creative side by making the actors seem really possessed. Combining all this work, the movie looked so real, which is the reason it got me so scared. Nowadays, horror movie doesn’t look real at all and no such details can be noticed.


Dabbe 3 (2012)

Spend sleepless night after watching movies of dabbe that is really horror

Just like Siccin, Dabbe is also a turkish language movie and has many parts that are available on youtube with English subtitles. I found this installment really horror as there are many scenes that will surely make you gripped to your chair. The most bizarre things these filmmakers have done is that no matter how risky, but they still have the guts to make movies based on actual life that too of horror genres. Again, a must-watch for all horror movie lovers.


The Conjuring (2013)

Two movies are there of the conjuring part one is really horror than other

Who can forget the classic horror movie “The Conjuring” and the lovely creepy scary doll “annabelle”? The movie was so artistically directed by James Wan with minute details and unexpected horror scenes. There was one scene in the movie which made me very disturbed but didn’t last long as I overpowered it. This movie was also based on actual life and many people were spooked up after watching it.


IT Chapter one (2017)

Horror and action both movies are great

   As a kid, I was always terrified of clowns. Now they all seem funny to me. But, what if I encounter a clown who is a devil or a monster? I will surely collapse right there. This movie is all about that only. Pennywise the clown trying to scare and eat up the kids is what made this movie so creepy and popular. 

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